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Brighternet's Portfolio

This portfolio illustrates some of the web development work carried out by Brighternet.

For full site builds, we provide the following features as standard in addition to any client-specific requirements:

  • Run in a Content Management System (CMS) to give the owner control over their content.
  • Designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), usability and accessibility in mind.
  • Have site analytics to aid SEO and marketing decisions.
  • Standards compliant markup. Rendered using XHTML with CSS.
  • Progressive enhancement of the UI with Javascript to provide a smoother experience (where appropriate!).
  • Semantic web features implemented where possible.
  • Deployed to the client’s hosting account or hosted for the client, with regular backups.

Now on to the extra features that we have developed for clients…

Cash In The Attic

Screenshot of the CITA website

Media site with an antique valuation service

Brighternet worked as part of a team to develop the Cash In The Attic web site. The site delivers the back catalogue of television shows, news & articles and offers an antique valuation service.

Site features

  • A Drupal system backed by the in-house content/media server.
  • Authentication (login) and access control, including authentication via OAUTH (Facebook and Twitter).
  • User registration and administration, including Facebook and Twitter sync.
  • Video feeds and articles.
  • Social recommendation for Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Search.
  • Classified ads.
  • Forums.
  • Events calendar.
  • Content tagging i.e. user favourites.

The Big Shot

Screenshot of the The Big Shot application

Facebook app for a footmall manager game

This project involved the conversion of a football manager game written in Ruby on Rails (originally commissioned by Mastercard) to function as a Facebook application.

Site features

  • Rails application interacting with the Facebook API.
  • Authentication via Facebook.
  • Automatic Facebook notifications for e.g. scores and competition results.
  • In-game interaction with Facebook feed, e.g. posting, invites.
  • Functional enhancements to the original game.
  • Game testing, including auto-generation of test teams and players.


Screenshot of the MusicMing website

Searchable directory for the music industry

Musicming approached Brighternet with ideas for a large scale project to develop an online application that serviced the UK music industry.

After working together honing the requirements, we identified the first stage to be a searchable directory of UK music businesses. Brighternet developed a custom application for the directory and added a range of enhancements over time to provide additional capabilities, such as online payments, a blog, content management system (CMS) and various administrative utilities.

Site features

  • Search engine with filters.
  • Online payments via PayPal.
  • Multiple listing types, with quotas and features like search-based adverts.
  • Listing profile pages with extended details and interactive map.
  • User signup and listing maintenance. Full site administration capabilities.
  • Blog, online survey and other communication tools.

Recycling Machinery International

Screenshot of the Recycling Machinery International website

Sales driven site for used recycling machinery

Start up company Recycling Machinery International (RMI) required a site to showcase their used recycling machinery and generate enquiries.

Brighternet delivered a site that makes it easy to browse, search and discover the machinery for sale and quickly send in an enquiry. The site is easy for RMI to update with their latest stock.

Organic SEO and AdWords campaigns drive traffic to the site. The number of product enquiries has vastly exceeded expectation.

Site features

  • Integration with Campaign Monitor email marketing software.
  • Product enquiry forms.
  • Custom content types for recycling machinery.
  • Image galleries.
  • Search.
  • RSS feeds.

Visit the site at Recycling Machinery International

Leas Lift Beer Festival

Screenshot of the Leas Lift Beer Festival website

Information resource for a beer festival

The organisers of the Leas Lift Beer Festival required a web site to provide news and information about the festival, with utilities that enable them to keep in touch with interested parties.

Brighternet created a site that provides several methods for people to stay informed - Twitter, RSS and email newsletters. Tasting notes provide information about the brewers and drinks. Image galleries show photos from past festivals. A CMS makes it easy for the organisers to update the site.

Site features

  • Twitter feed.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Newsletter mailing lists, with online archive.
  • Custom content types for brewers and drinks.
  • Image galleries.
  • Live map.
  • Search.

Visit the site at Leas Lift Beer Festival | A celebration of new local beers and award winning ciders

World Association of Beet and Cane Growers

Screenshot of the World Association of Beet and Cane Growers Conference website

Information resource for a conference

The World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG) held their 2010 international conference in Cambridge in July 2010. Conference organisers Project 4 Marketing asked Brighternet to help them produce a multi-language site that provides information on the conference to potential delegates, acts as a gateway to their registration system and allows easy management of content and sponsor advertising space.

Brighternet implemented their design, developed the functionality and deployed the site to a content management system on Project 4’s own hosting.

Site features

  • Rotating adverts and sponsors.
  • Tri language - English, French and Spanish.
  • Site RSS feed.
  • Design by DesignPoint.

MMH Recycling Systems

Screenshot of the MMH Recycling Systems website

Marketing/sales site for a recycling machinery distributor

Having had a small brochure site for years, MMH Recycling Systems needed a marketing site that allowed them to better engage with customers and would be easy to update with new products and information.

Brighternet designed and delivered a basic business blog that provided the core functionality at an affordable cost. The site has proven a great success and now MMH and Brighternet are working on a next release with enhanced content management functionality.

Site features

  • Site search.
  • Site RSS feed.
  • Contact form.

Visit the site at MMH Recycling Systems

Tanylan Farm Holidays

Screenshot of the Tanylan Farm Holidays website

Holiday cottages and camping site

Tanlyan Farm Holidays required their existing site to be updated with information about their holiday cottages and new tools to manage their services, with their new logo incorporated into the design.

Brighternet migrated their existing static site into a CMS so they could take control of its content, designed a new section to promote their holiday cottages and tweaked the camping section to share aspects of the design. Various features have been added to the site over time to meet business requirements, such as the availability calendar that can be easily updated as bookings come in.

Site features

  • New landing page and cottages section with conversion of their old camping site to accessible XHTML/CSS.
  • Availability calendar alongside tariffs, with easy one-click updating for owner via Ajax.
  • Contact and booking forms.
  • Live map.
  • Weather feed.

Visit the site at Breaks in West Wales | Tanylan Farm Holidays

Cape Machinery International

Screenshot of the Cape Machinery International website

Marketing/sales site for a recycling machinery distributor

As a new company, Cape Machinery International needed an affordable, effective web site to market their products online.

Given the core requirements were to provide a clean, easy to use and easy to update web site, we recommended the company start small with a business blog before deciding to move on to an enterprise solution. This approach has proven successful and Brighternet are helping CMI to improve their content by using services like YouTube.

Site features

  • Site search.
  • Site RSS feed.
  • Contact form.

Visit the site at Cape Machinery International


Screenshot of the Footprinter website

Information site for an environmental consultancy

Natural Interest required a multi-language brochure site to publish information about their new environmental footprinting service, with a design based on that of a partner site.

As existing happy customers of Brighternet, when we worked together to develop their company site, we could quickly implement the design and deploy the site to the CMS that they were already familiar with.

Site features

  • Multi language - Finnish and English (with Swedish and Norwegian pending translation).
  • Semantic web support with hCard microformat and vCard download for personal details.
  • Twitter feed.

Natural Interest

Screenshot of the Natural Interest website

Information site for an environmental consultancy

Natural Interest required a multi-language site to provide information about their environmental consultancy services, based on a design that they provided.

Brighternet developed the language switch functionality, implemented the design and deployed the site to a lightweight CMS.

Site features

  • Multi language - Finnish and English (with Swedish pending translation).
  • Twitter feed.

Visit the site at Natural Interest Ltd.

Chelsea Electronics

Screenshot of the Chelsea Electronics website

Information site for a computer shop

Chelsea Electronics required a simple, friendly site that was easy to use, provided clear information about their services and encouraged people to phone in.

After working together to define the information architecture and hone the language for novice computer users, Brighternet designed the site based on their shop sign to strengthen recognition from the street and deployed it to a lightweight CMS for easy control over the content.

Site features

  • Lightweight CMS.
  • Live map.
  • Google Analytics.

Visit the site at Chelsea Electronics