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Brighternet Services for Designers

Designers, concentrate on design and leave the technical implementation to us. Whether you simply require advice and support on complex technical details or the development of a full software stack, we can help you realise your vision.

We are skilled in a variety of web technologies and develop software of the highest quality, for standards compliant, usable and accessible sites.

  • Concentrate on design whilst we get on with the techy work
  • Your design will be realised to its full potential, with a slick, user friendly interface
  • We develop sites to be standards compliant, usable, accessible and future proof
  • Clear documentation helps you understand the software
  • Iterative development will keep you informed and in control


Brighternet can handle any technical work related to the implementation of web sites and online applications. We can provide our services on a project basis or an hourly basis, depending on your preference and the nature of the work.

  • Design to (X)HTML / CSS
  • User interface development - scripting and AJAX controls
  • Back-end implementation - content management systems (CMS), blogs, wikis, forums, email, chat.
  • Custom application development
  • Database design
  • Platform (server) setup and hosting
  • Quality reviews, including usability and accessibility reviews
  • Technical research

Stephan Dale: Company Director & Web Developer

Photo of Stephan

An experienced software developer with a range of proficiencies and a deep understanding of the web.

Stephan first used the Internet when speed was measured in baud. He gained a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MSc in Advanced Computer Science, before moving into web development. After 5 years working for a company developing a CMS and SSO framework, he decided to go freelance.

"I started Brighternet because I wanted to deliver no-nonsense functional web sites that help people take advantage of the web. Sites that empower their owners and help their visitors. As an educated professional I wanted to develop these sites to the same high standard I would develop any software."

Name: Stephan Dale
Title: Software Developer
Organisation: Brighternet
Telephone: 07908406610 (mobile/cell)