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Markdown vs Textile for writing about web development

This article has been migrated from f3 Internet, with permission.

Both Markdown and Textile are similar when it comes to generating most basic formatting, like headers, paragraphs, blockquotes and lists. However, when writing technical articles about web development, Textile wins for two simple reasons.

Adding class (or id or style) to links

When creating links, I want to add a class that allows styling to indicate that the link points to an external site rather than a different page on my site.

Markdown does not allow you to add a class (or id or style) to links. Textile does.



There are lots of acronyms in computing, so support for them when writing technical articles is essential. Markdown doesn’t handle them, Textile does.

HTML(HyperText Markup Language)

So, there it is. I use Textile because it avoids the hassle of hand coding links and acronyms in HTML.

Posted by Stephan on 03/10/2008.


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