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Web Development by Brighternet

Brighternet develops web sites and online applications to provide information and services in a clear, consistent and intuitive manner.

Finely crafted
Everything is developed with an eye for quality, from the underlying code to the interface design. We follow a professional software development approach and adhere to best practice guidelines to create robust, useful sites.
Task centric
We focus on functionality first, so that site owners can manage their site and visitors can achieve their aims as quickly and easily as possible. Design complements functionality.
Standards compliant
Our sites meet the highest industry standards for usability and accessibility, which means that no one is unnecessarily excluded and everyone can use our sites with ease.
Cross platform
PC, mobile, tablet, print. Our sites are compatible with all Internet enabled platforms and devices, altering their content and appearance to provide the most rewarding experience.
Future proof
We develop our software for the next generation of the Internet; the Semantic Web will revolutionise online services and knowledge management on a global scale.

Depending on your requirements, we can develop a custom application or source one of the many popular, stable and free open source applications to save you time and money.

Brighternet offers a full range of related services; software development and design, technical consulting, quality review, hosting management, backup and maintenance services.

Stephan Dale: Company Director & Web Developer

Photo of Stephan

An experienced software developer with a range of proficiencies and a deep understanding of the web.

Stephan first used the Internet when speed was measured in baud. He gained a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MSc in Advanced Computer Science, before moving into web development. After 5 years working for a company developing a CMS and SSO framework, he decided to go freelance.

"I started Brighternet because I wanted to deliver no-nonsense functional web sites that help people take advantage of the web. Sites that empower their owners and help their visitors. As an educated professional I wanted to develop these sites to the same high standard I would develop any software."

Name: Stephan Dale
Title: Software Developer
Organisation: Brighternet
Telephone: 07908406610 (mobile/cell)